Roasted Coffee

Our Story

Great Lakes Coffee is a leading family owned business in East Africa, with over 60 years’ coffee trading heritage.

From our grandfather’s coffee estates in East D.R. Congo, to our new Roastery in Uganda, our mission is to export premium quality African coffees to the world, one cup at a time.

The Roastery

The Roastery is the heart of our business, created to bring the highest quality seasonal coffees to the Ugandan coffee market.
Our all-in-one facility includes a Tasting | Training | Roasting | Showroom with our staff always on hand to help. Home to our products, our coffees and our people, come visit the Roastery today and see just how we do business in person.


Coffee Selection

Every coffee has a story; a history of soil, people and culture, that make each one special. Our job at the Roastery is to help you discover yours. Choose from our range of Roastery Coffee Blends, carefully crafted to perfection or our seasonal Limited Edition Coffee Blends. Or work with our Roasting Lab to create your very own Exclusive Private Label Blend.


Coffee Capsules

The invention of the coffee capsule has revolutionized coffee drinking, allowing you to become your very own Barista with the simple push of a button. With over 25 coffee blends to choose from, each coffee capsule contains fresh ground coffee of the highest quality. The coffee machines are small and compact, using cutting edge technology to produce the perfect cup every
time. Ideal for the office, small restaurant and home, we stock NESPRESSO® compatible and LUI® coffee brands. Come speak to us about our “Business Solution Packages”, offering a complete coffee solution for your employees and customers.


Coffee Equipment

In order to produce the highest quality coffees cup after cup, you need reliable, consistent and efficient coffee equipment. Whether you’re looking for large coffee brewing machines or a more specialized approach,The Roastery has theperfect equipment for you. Choose from a wide selection of Espresso Machines & Grinders | Filter Coffee Machines | Cafetieres | Harrio Brewing | Chemex Brewing | Cold Brewing equipment.


Syrups/ Hot Chocolates/ Iced Coffee Mix

Whether the drink is hot and creamy or frothy and decadent, flavors and memories go hand-in-hand.
Our range of ingredients will expand your coffee menu with thrilling new flavor combinations, creating lasting memories for your clients. The
Roastery stocks a variety of GMOs with no artificial coloring and made with The Vegan Society approved ingredients. Choose from over 20 different
Monin | Sweetbird | Routin syrup flavours, luxury milk-based French Hot Chocolate from Mombasa | Zuma Frappe mix are available
for all your iced coffee drinks.


Take Away Accessories

As our lives and businesses speed up, the need for our favorite coffee on the go is all the more important. Our range of take-away accessories includes hot & cold cups & lids | cup carriers | stirrers & straws | cup sleeves designed for comfort and consistent delivery. Exclusive only to the Roastery is a range of African Inspired Accessories, which will make your business stand out from the crowd.


Barista Accessories

If you are anything like us, you know that a barista can be the most important person in a client’s day.
At the Roastery, we stock the very best Barista tools to help take you to the next level of your craft. Choose from Motta Coffee Tampers | Thermometers
| Frothing Jugs | Knock Boxes | Cleaning Powder | Cleaning Brushes



Café Crockery

The smell of the finest Uganda coffee is close to heaven, and when you hold a warm mug in your hands, sitting in your favorite
chair, heaven just got a little closer. We can’t supply the chair, but we can get you the perfect mug. Choose from a selection of beautifully
designed Cups & Saucers | Mugs | Tea Pots | Glassware | Tableware | Cutlery created for commercial use with durability.


Bartender Accessories

When James Bond orders a martini shaken, not stirred, we take him seriously, just as you should when making it. The Roastery in Uganda is pioneering a new culture in cocktail mixology by providing Bartenders with the tools necessary to make the perfect cocktail. Choose from our range of Shakers & Tins / Muddlers & Strainers | Glass Rammers | Free flow Pourers | Thimble Measures | Bar Caddy | Condiment Holders | Stirrers & Straws | Bar Napkins